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Learn Forex In Sinhala (or English Video Tutorials for Foreigners).. Trainer: Mr.Suresh Madusanka From: Colombo, Sri Lanka. Trade Forex with confident with Best Forex Trading Methods And Indicators. Please follow the instructions below.
Online Courses in Sinhala or in English(For Foreigners), Online From: 344, Ferguson Road, Colombo 15. (Trainer: Mr.Suresh)

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Saturday And Sunday From Morning To Night - Monday To Friday 3PM - 4PM and/or 8PM - 9PM (Online) | Saturday 11:00AM to 4:00PM at Kotahena Office.

You can join with Copy Trading and you can get help to trade Forex with my consultation..

Amateurs VS Professional Traders
Professionals REALLY enjoy trading…the thrill, the hunt;
they’re passionate about it

Amateurs are looking to ‘change their lives’ or for some ‘key to success’…they probably do not enjoy trading as much as a professional and see it more as a “tool” to make them money. The professional actually loves the challenge of trading, the challenge of mastering his or her own mind and they are interested in the entire trading process, from the psychology aspects, technical chart reading, to money management. If you don’t love what you are doing, you’ll never find the necessary dedication, mindset and habits to succeed at it, and that goes for everything in life, including trading.

~~~ There is no big “secret” to trading success that you have to travel to the ends of the Earth to discover. In fact, you need to get on the track to trading success is probably a slight adjustment in how you think about trading and a willingness to begin changing your trading habits. ~~~ - Nial Fuller

Full Course (Fee: Rs.5000/-)

Basic Course Fee: Rs.2500/- OR $18 (*since 2011)
- About MT4, Basic Forex Analysis and Trading Methods (Long term), Trading Alerts, Contract / Advertising Jobs (Optional) & etc.

Special Forex Course Fee: Rs.2500/- OR $18 for special pack (final session) (*since 2014)
- Special Forex tricks, Advance Trading Technics & Rules (Long & Short term with Scalping), Special tutorials and tools.

- Online Registration Fee: $36/- (via Payza, Skrill (Moneybookers), Paypal or ClickBank) (full course)
*If you complete the course and invest money, then you will be able make profits. If it doesn't work, we will refund your money. But you have to learn and practice it completely minimum 1 year to get good results.

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Professional And Complete Forex Trading Course (to clearly identify any major movement of the market and almost every trend of the Forex market) - Daily Forex Analysis

Professional And Complete Super Advance Forex Trading Course Fee: Rs.87000/- OR $600 (with all the important indicators with updates) You have to wait minimum 6 months and maximum 12 months to learn after your payment.
- Live introduction about the Forex system and all the strategies to identify almost every trend. Special discounts for invested Full Forex Course Members. This is an online group trading course for 6 months around 4-6 hours every Saturday or Sunday. To learn more than 6 months the members will have to pay $4 per month.
Recommended minimum qualification: Credit Pass (C) for Mathematics at the GCE (Ordinary Level) Exam (Sri Lanka).
(*since 2016)

Forex Trading

> SPECIAL PACK : Special Forex trading tricks, Unlimited updates, Money back guarantee.

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Binary Options Trading Courses (Simple H1 Method, and 5 Minutes / 15 Minutes Method)

H1 Binary Options Trading Course Fee: Rs.3000/- OR $21
- Around 1-2 trades per day, or 3-7 trades per week. Including an Alert Indicator for MT4. Winning rate is more than 75%.

(*since 2014)

* The following Binary Options trading method requires skills and instinct for the trader to take decisions quickly. So it is not recommended for those who can't change their mind to take decisions quickly.!

5 Minutes / 15 Minutes Binary Options Trading Course Fee: Rs.14500/- OR $100 (without an Alert Indicator for MT4)
- Helping to install the Software, and introducing the basic '5 Minutes' and '15 Minutes' binary options trading method. Complete video tutorial. Recommended for 15 minutes charts.
(*since 2016)

Complete 5 Min / 15 Min Binary Options Course Fee: Rs.29000/- OR $200 (with an Alert Indicator for MT4 M15 charts)
- Helping to install the Software, and introducing the basic '5 Minutes' and '15 Minutes' binary options trading method. Complete video tutorials with Unlimited updates. Alert Indicator can use only with 5 & 15 minutes charts. Around 2-7 trades per day. Winning rate is more than 65% (or 70%-80%, if you use recovery options, but overall around 60-70%). This 15M Binary Option Course is available only for the Professional and Complete Forex Course Members.

Profit from 60 seconds and 5 minutes options trading method: / (It is better to use M15 charts than M1 and M5 charts to reduce mistakes)

Practice Binary Options trading for free:

Best Binary Options Broker For H1 Method >> Please Click here (instaforex) to visit the website to use the Binary Option Page.
(1. Fill the Form. 2. Login 3. Click 'Forex Options' to try)

Call: 077 8058452 / 078 5154798, Email:, Skype: ranrahas

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